Main Service

Our Main Service service has grown massively over the past year or so.  We see new people every week and many are accepting Jesus!  We have regular baptisms and a strong worship team.  The most important part of our service is the bible teaching.  It’s important to us at Home that people really know the scriptures.  Many of our family are reading through the bible in a year together and it’s making a huge difference to our church.  We teach through books of the bible consecutively as we believe it is so important that we understand and teach the context and get as accurate an understanding of the scriptures as we can. We believe the Bible is relevant today and our pastor Dave loves to break things down and really help us understand what the scriptures say and how that should change and impact our relationship with God and how we should live as Christians today.


We Love the Bible.  LOVE IT! We follow it.  If it’s in that book we believe it and practice it.  If it’s not, we don’t!

Join us every Sunday at 11 am